Heading to Heaven – aka Slovenia…

aaaaaasloveniaAlmost no time to breathe between work trips.That´s fine. Just great. Balance is something I can build and it´s better to have too much than too little 😉

Heading to Slovenia, within a few days, for another MAGICAL event. The core of Egyptian Dance is in the program but there´s more, so much more. There´s LIFE. And dialogue, discoveries and insights. Giving and receiving multiplied.

My good old cliché – Starbucks coffee – on one hand and the last issue of Oprah magazine on the other; Winter cloths, music, a tiger pattern “gallabeya” (loose, wide dress/tunic used in Egypt) for a crazy performance and lots of love to share in one more incredible trip.

I´m READY. So ready to ROCK and be ROCKED. Here I come, Slovenia!

Thanks to Ksenija and Hiza Zahir, for receiving me in their home for the 3rd time. Your trust is precious.


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