Glimpses of Tarazade (Istanbul) Magic

Con Elen Oriental Habibi

With Elen Oriental, a member of The International Wonder Women Club.

Elen Oriental Foto me la envoy

Me, performing with my (Asi Askal) Peacock dress. What a show! There were smiles and tears – all genuine, visceral, naked. No masks are allowed on my stage. Photo by Elen Oriental.


The Selfie. Our official photographer, André Elbing, and me going nuts; Marta Korzum and Athena Najat trying to behave.

Baladi ya Wad

Improvising my first Turkish clarinet taksim with a fabulous musician. Photo by André Elbing.

Habibi Prof Hassan Khalili

Me and Prof Hassan Khalil, a gem in our Oriental Dance world. It´s rare to meet someone who knows about his craft in depth while keeping himself simple, humble, generous and kind. It´s impossible not to love someone who loves dance and dancers the way he does. Big source of inspiration. More about it later 😉

Bellydance Dance oriental Raqs Sharqi Bauchtanz Orientalischer Tanz Photo by André Elbing

Flying on stage. Photo by André Elbing.


Waiting to be pampered at the Cemberlitas hammam, in Istanbul. Nothing relaxes me as a good, old (really old, in this case) traditional “hammam”.


Heading to the Grand Bazar, in Istanbul. Cairo all over again. And I wonder what makes a trip special? What turns moments into the tissue our hearts are made of? I usually travel for work, the work I always dreamt about doing: performing, teaching, lecturing, sharing my Vision of Egyptian Oriental Dance. But there´s so much more to it than just work. It´s the contact with different places, scents, mentalities and ways of living that melts our illusions and willingness to judge The Other. Among the diversity you see there´s no Other. Just different circumstances, social constructions, masks. But, deep inside, we´re all ONE. Loved Istanbul and Tarazade Festival. Loved every bit of the road and I´m ready to love what comes next even more, more lively and fearlessly. Feeling BLESSED. BEING. BLESSED.

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