New edition of “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” is arriving to the World

The plan was a simple, fast, uncomplicated revision of my first published book “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond”. Having my mind set on the other – new – book that needs to be written (almost) from scratch, and juggling different dance commitments (upcoming trips; on line classes; RAKS MY WORLD dance project), simultaneously, it sounded nuts to go deep into the book. But I did. Faithful to myself, I went way beyond the planned revision. New texts, a preface and an illustration were added – all written and drawn by yours truly.

Book Joana Portrait Cover by Rute Maluma

Portrait done by Rute Maluma – to be used, possibly, on the 2nd edition cover.

As the process comes to an end, I feel thankful for my compulsive passion. The book is cleaner, clearer and better than ever. Its purpose is redefined and, I believe, communicated in a sharper manner. The values it stands for make me thrilled, proud and immensely excited to share it with the world.

I could have done an average work – I could; I could have written yet another “learn how to bellydance” manual – I could (could I?); I could make another theory book based on the theory of other books – I guess I could. But it wouldn´t be me. I do what hasn´t been done – that´s the only thing that interests me and drives me to action.

Stay tuned – the 2nd edition of “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” will be available, worldwide, very soon.

Here´s a sneak peek at the book:

 “A bird sings the melody its genes already know; it sings the melody of his grandparents which he never met. It doesn´t learn it in a school or imitates someone else. In a certain way, it´s his cells that are singing; we are facing a singing physiology, or a physiology that already has a melody, already has a musical score; individual physiology that exists as if it was already destined to be element of orchestra: when that physiology gathers with the physiology of the other birds what results is in reality a natural orchestra: musicians that play naturally the same music, without rehearsals.

 To think, therefore, in this: in babies who grow up already singing, by instance, some of the beautiful melodies of Mozart without ever having heard them. Just as the blacktop (bird) doesn´t need to listen to sing the song of its own species, something similar could happen with human beings. A Mozart´s melody could already be inscribed in the genes.

But here´s what makes the human being an animal, perhaps, worth of admiration: maybe each one of us already has a melody – one or more – inscribed in our genes but, if we do, such melody will be certainly individual. Each person will have her own ancestral song – the song that she/he doesn´t need to have heard to be able to sing.”

Gonçalo M. Tavares (Classical Music Concert program at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation)

On line classes image Vulnerability and Energy movement

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