Raks My World On Line Courses on the way

24136_1412272544944_3463782_nThe flowers of tomorrow are the seeds of today – I read somewhere. True.

When I´ve started my ON LINE PRIVATE COURSES – last January -, I didn´t know how they would work out. I was skeptical, at first. I thought the lack of physical presence would disturb my focus and the ability to feel and see through the dancers, an essencial element to my teaching. I´m not a machine and I reject teaching people as machines. I trust their intelligence, inner world and vision as much as I trust mine. Therefore, I must look at them, feel them, see beneath the masks, unveil what they cannot expose, identify the wounds, the fragilities and the power house spots. Then we can work towards greatness – dance and personal wise.

I´m also NOT a computer lover so the idea of having this object between me and the dancers just freaked me out. It still does. But I had to surrender.

The question is: I meet and teach dancers in many countries. We´re together for a weekend, a week, two weeks, at most. Then I´m gone. Those dancers ask me how they can continue studying with me. I didn´t have an answer for that question. I´m only ONE and, so far, I can multiply into 100 Joanas. Not yet. 

This is how the ON LINE COURSES were born and I´m deeply thankful for the way they have multiplied. Which brings me to another – new – question: I will not be able to keep doing it, at this pace, for a long time. They´re truly amazing but also time & energy consuming in a way that I´ll not be able to maintain.

Teaching on line is just a small part of all the work I do. Aside from that, the time and focus required for each dancer is something I can manage if I´m carrying 4 or 5 courses, simultaneously, but impossible to keep when the number of courses grows beyond it. I would have to spend my whole days on it – exclusively.

So we´re reaching another TURNING POINT. From one seed to one flower; from one flower to another.

I´ll have to create a Teaching Journey that embraces everyone. Not private courses (I´ll keep a limited number of those running) but GROUP COURSES that are affordable, comfortable and life changing for everyone. Sure enough: these won´t be oriented towards a specific person but towards a GROUP, a world community. You lose something – you gain something else in return.

Having the cybernetic technical skills of a squirrel, I´ll have to ask for help. No idea where to start or HOW to make this happen. But, be sure, it WILL HAPPEN.

P.S: Suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

RAKS MY WORLD is coming to (world) town, baby!


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