Oriental Dance is Everywhere

The battle – turned into recent diplomatic debates – is on. Those who point their fingers at Oriental Dance as an exotic strip-tease Versus those who see it like it really is. Somehow, and for some reason I don´t care to define, the ignorance doesn´t touch me like it used to. It does touch me, all right. But it doesn´t irritate me anymore. It stimulates me. What a gift!

Thank thy enemies and so forth…

Here´s one more piece of the Puzzle – only understood by the Oriental Dance Iniciated (it´s starting to sound like a religious sect, isn´t it? Oh, boy!):
11214056_10153418141947731_7618619632823820848_n“What is the Celtic Triskele?
The Celtic Triskele, also called the spiral of life, the triple spiral and the triple goddess, is three equal spirals radiating from a common center. The Celtic Triskele was found in the remnants of an ancient temple from the Bronze Age in Ireland.Because, at times, it is drawn in one continuous line, the triskele represents a continuous movement of time. It is probably this unending quality of the spiral that attracts us so greatly, and has contributed to it remaining on of the most popular Celtic symbols.”

From: Evolver Social Movement

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