On the Road(s)

20520_946107915413086_167282520580589622_nAugust is here and the show must go on. Aside from working on my books and teaching – ON LINE PRIVATE COURSES – on a daily basis, I am also preparing new material to teach and perform in the several countries I´ll be visiting this Fall/Winter. Another big surprise is on the way – RAKS MY WORLD – but, for now, I´ll not talk about it. Everything at its time.

Next stops on my World Agenda: Turkey, Slovenia, Japan, England, Czech Republic, United States (New York, Savannah, Alaska), Mexico, China and more.

I´ll repeat myself and say how GRATEFUL I am for the expansion of my career which is – not surprisingly – the expansion of myself, as a human being.

Let´s DO THIS!

1509976_338856969640362_6468062150419312926_n Japan 2015 Big Turn yes World 2111043081_10205358901804848_8977699957272198173_nNew York New York11782347_495300803962527_2000047359786284851_oLoveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesomuchhhhhAlaska

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