Soul Supremacy*

1795781_505851819537210_1153394010_nWhen the first edition of my book –  “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond” – was out, there were a few interesting reviews. One of them, written by a fellow dancer, mentioned how suprised she was when she realized I could actually dance. According to her, my book advocated the supremacy of feeling above technique. According to her, I defended that technique, aka knowing how to dance, was not important. It also made her presume I didn´t know how to do it. That thing: dance. Until she saw me doing it. The thing. The Dance.

What a common mishapprehension this is: people, even professional dancers, presume they can choose between TECHNIQUE and FEELING. They can´t. Not if they´re professional dancers who perform in public for people who pay to watch them. Technique helps you to communicate efficiently. It´s the ABC but not The Dance. The Dance is beyond technique as a great poem is beyond ABC.

It takes more than grammatical knowledge to write a brilliant text. Having the vocabulary, the rules and every technical resource at your disposal is essencial but what makes a text shine is not that set of tools. It´s the TALENT, the FEELING, the STORY, the SOUL one puts in that text; the things that transform the ABC into Art.

Somehow, I am out of words to express what seems to be obvious. Acts speak louder than words, anyway. So let´s toast to upcoming shows – new opportunities to make my point; Egyptian Dance point. Until then, here´s a little provocation. Enjoy:

“After the first shock of Mohamed´s lack of coordination and technical skills, I started to look beneath and beyond the surface and that´s when MAGIC happened: it was not him who was dancing but HIS HEART, generously exposed on that living room: raw, honest and overflowing with LOVE and PASSION for the music: simply DIVINE. I also noticed how GENUINE and PERSONAL were each one of his movements – even the ones I could consider clumsy, out of tempo, whatever my “educated dancer” could criticize. He was HIMSELF – complete, no excuses, shame, masks, arrogance, “want to be or look at the bomb” attitude: just HIMSELF OUTPOURING with LOVE-LIFE.”

From “The Secrets of Egypt – Dance, Life & Beyond”llalllaaa

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