Full Blue Moon tonight

11822357_700998580044429_3317595634857320222_nFull Blue Moon tonight….Moon in Aquarius…..a time for renewal and a new beginnings.

This is a team work I already do – me and the Universe/Life/God/Whatever you wish to call it. I´m no slave of the stars but I know part of my existence is guided by them. So I listen, pay attention and work with them. Why would I ignore the strings that pull my puppet?

There are times when I´m invited to stop and reflect; other times are prone to action. I feel it and ride the waves. It´s all good. It has to be. Going against this Machine won´t get me (us) far.

It´s a full moon – in Aquarius, where my native moon is located – tonight. A full blue moon. Let´s focus on what we want; what makes our heart sing; whatever rhymes with our own idea of happiness.


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