The Student Masters

jurjEvery dancer is unique. This is not fresh news or something you´ve never heard me saying. I do it all the time – being my (unique) self and stimulating other dancers´uniqueness. Nothing gives me more pleasure than watching these flowers blooming.

Each person brings an incredible wealth, a world of her/his own that never fails to fascinate me. Right now, I´m teaching – via Skype, through my PRIVATE ON LINE COURSES – four different dancers, simultaneously. This means I´m dealing with four different dance/music styles, class programs and worlds. From Classical Egyptian Dance to Nubian folklore; from too much structure – overwhelming mind – to too much madness –  overwhelming instinct. No one is in total balance – one needs to put some sugar in the cake and the other needs to take sugar from the cake. We´re imperfect. And that´s perfectly fine. Dancing – living – may well be the effort we make to constantly rebuild that off balance state. I don´t think we can be fully alive while being in the middle – that perfect balance we search for.

Aside from keeping me fresh, attentive and intuitive – I have to feel each person, what they show me and what they don´t show me -, these dancers keep me INSPIRED. They teach me how to teach, listen, observe, create from unknown grounds. Each particular universe offers particular challenges and the answers to those challenges are nothing short of FABULOUS.

Who´s the teacher and who´s the student? Somehow, the frontiers disappear.


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