That´s gotta hurt, sister!

11705194_10153403592704694_8294005440970583554_nIt´s hard. No one tells you about these things. You have to go through them in order to know what it really takes to fly.

Growing up is hard but the world seems to sugar coat it – as if we had a choice between growing and not growing. Come to think of it, we do have a choice. Damn!

Expansion means a part of you has to burst, explode, vanish into nothingness, leaving a new and/or extra space for the new. That´s gotta hurt, sister. 

I´ve never been a fan of comfort zones. Never. My flaw, if this can be considered a flaw – I guess it can -, is that I run away from comfortable zones of any sort. Once I got the game, I´m off to a new one. Once I nail a challenge, I´m already searching for a new one that defies me in ways never experimented before. Once I prove myself – key word: prove -, I´m ready for the next bet.

Small ponds are not for me. Already known territories make me sleepy. And bored. Bored is the worst. ´Can´t stand it.


Ah! That too.

So, here we are, once more flying into Unknown skies. It hurts so good.

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