Cleaning the hOuse (yes, that capital “O” is intentional)

10411087_10154030234311416_677584153603645098_nThey say it´s Venus going nuts. Retrograde. Or backwards. I think she´s just taking a vacation, leaving us all alone, no pink glasses or illusions left, dealing with the hard stuff.

No surprise I´ve been cleaning the hOuse. My internal house, that place where self-worth and values are stored, is under a deep cleaning process. Billie Holiday´s playing and a cup of tea is joining me at this party.

So much has changed in these last few years – for me; for everyone, I suppose.

Life has brought new people into my life and forced me to cut links with others, mainly old friends who turned into sudden enemies for no apparent reason. Just because (we know why).

I know circumstances don´t define me or change the way I deal with my private life. They never did. I´m a country girl, at heart, and I guess I´ll always be. But people around me tend to think otherwise, no matter how I behave with them: if my life expands, I must become a bitch. Never got the logic – or the hang – of it.

Recent discoveries:

1. Our ideas of love, and what we deserve to receive in our lives, define the partners we attract. I know this should be basic knowledge but I was – still am – a little behind on the matter.

2. True friends are not the ones who only support you in times of sorrow (misery loves company, haven´t you heard?) but mostly the ones who support you in your victories and happy times; the ones who celebrate them with you and push you higher. Only REAL friends – who happen to be noble human beings – feel happiness at your happiness.

3. I´m not willing to put up with the bullshit I´ve put up in the past. Done. Finito. So over with the games, the drama and the childishness. If it doesn´t come with QUALITY, it´s not for me. Thank you very much. This applies to everything – to romantic love relationships, friends, work partnerships. QUALITY is in the order of the day.

4. Asking for what I want is not only possible but efficient. Another “I should know better” piece of news. Giving seems to be easy but asking for things and receiving doesn´t. What´s the deal with this mess? Reminding myself that I´m not alone. There are angels, guiding lights, spirits that protect me, inspire me and guide me, even if I don´t see, feel or even acknowledge them. They´re there. Sometimes, all it takes is a minute of prayer: thank you and would you please guide me in…

No wonder Venus is going nuts. I´ve been feeling it for a while. And celebrating it. Death – of relationships, people and chapters we love – is rarely pleasant. But it´s essential. The old cliché: let it die so the new can be born.

Then comes the clarity of understanding what LOVE really means and how much I deserve it. Not the drama filled, oppressive, wing cutting, bullshit kind of love but a love that reflects who I am as a person, a love that is worthy of my body, mind, heart and soul. Cheers to clarity!

Celebrating the NEW and thanking for the old. May it die and rest in peace.

Bring it on, Venus retrograde! It´s hOuse cleaning time.


2 thoughts on “Cleaning the hOuse (yes, that capital “O” is intentional)

  1. We are like trees in many ways – things ‘fall off’, branches need pruning, soil underneath must be nourished.I always reach back to Don Miguel Ruiz’ “Four Agreements”: 1. Always do your best, 2. Be impeccable with your word, 3. Do not make Assumptions, 4. Don’t take ANYTHING personally (hardest one of all the agreements). While simple, these do provide ‘litmus test’ /road map views of how to frame people and events. A process, for certain. It’s like what I (and many who’ve read) think the Bible’s key lessons are: “Love God (in whatever form you consider ‘God’ – that’s my note – with all your heart, body, mind and strength — AND love your neighbor as your self”. And your neighbor? Anyone who’s not you! Those are two of the most difficult ‘rules’ for me to follow. So I do it day at a time. Process, for certain – not a single event. Keep shedding the leaves and reaching for the sky, Joana. ❤


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