The Magic Pill (the formula)

64384_10205349644165751_3124599137307437487_nDon´t we all want it? Ok. Maybe not all of us want it but most of us do. I know I don´t – most of the times.But I must admit, I also want it quite often, especially where love and healthy diet are concerned (I´m talking about the Magic Pill – the formula for whatever troubles your sleep, The Answer to your biggest questions). What a mess!

I´ve never searched for the Magic Pill in my dance path. I´ve searched for it in other areas of my life – hello, helpless romantic! – but not in dance. I knew there was no magic pill. I had to create my own and then keep recreating it on a daily basis. The world is in constant evolution and so are we. What worked wonders yesterday may be a flop today. It´s a fact – deal with it or search for a good shrink with loads of Orlando Bloom magazine covers at the waiting room.

Other people´s paths are theirs – not mine. I can learn from them, get inspired by them. I cannot (and would not want to) – successfully – reproduce their path. But I´m not most people I know. Especially in the Oriental Dance field.

-If she´s successful and I want to be successful, then I must do what she does!

There they go – copying her hair style, her face expressions, her moves, her bracelets, her hair, her flaws. There they go, trying to steal a bit of somebody else´s soul by mimicking their dance or, in other words, her life. In regular contexts, this attitude would be classified as paranoia or some other strange mental disorder. In Oriental Dance contexts, this seems to be the norm, a norm that doesn´t serve art but some people´s wallets and starving egos.

There they go, under the illusion that, if they train their copying skills hard enough, they too will enjoy her success. Whatever success means. They will – at most – enjoy frustration. Copy cats have never been artists. And vice-versa. For sure.

This explains why the Clone Factories are so popular nowadays. No one wants to risk discovering who they are and which unique gifts they can bring to the world. Give me that fast fix! Give me that pill with a side of cookies and tea with milk.

Schools with hundreds of students run by “teachers” who do nothing but self-marketing. All in the name of dance. All for the love of the art. All bullshit. And people buy it.

Let me say it like it (really) is: there´s no Magic Pill. No formula for success. Now you can hate me. Yeah, yeah, I know. ´Been there, somehow, and I do know how you feel. There´s no easy way into success, unless you´re willing to sell your soul to the devil. Then you may have a shortcut to success but, make no mistake, a direct corridor that links your heart into its own death row.

My path is unique. Her, his, their path is unique (you´re automatically included). And arriving to the destination – which is so fleating, so ahead of yourself, always a step forward, always a flight ahead – is not as important as enjoying the journey. Your journey. No formulas, no tricks, no pills. Magic – yes. Pills – no. Enough said. 

Raks My World

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