Joana Saahirah in China (Jingya International Festival)

11058205_10153428439734886_450196603302093050_nNo matter how much I earn – and own – each success, I always feel grateful for the chance of turning my dreams into reality. Talent, serious work, focus and persistent are essential but our personal plan can never be accomplished if Life – or God – doesn´t agree with it. Some call it destiny, fate, bad or good luck. I have no name for it. All I know do is bowing in gratitude towards life and the way it works with me as a perfect team mate.

China is distant. So distant. Distant from what; in relation to what? It doesn´t matter. It´s just distant. It´s more than a geographical distance – it´s a metaphorical, yet palpable distance. I rode that plain for 11 hours – from Milan to Shanghai – and all I could feel was the true meaning of the expression “Far East”. You´ll never understand it, unless you go all the way there on your own two feet (or wings).


Me and one of my favourite ladies: Orit, from Israel, an amazing dancer, teacher and sponsor (check Eilat Festival for major fun and learning).

Teaching, judging and performing in such a fabulous festival, accompanied by some of my favourite dancers, was privilege enough. Learning about the culture and feeling that other, parallel, world was a bonus I cherished and embraced with all my heart. What´s the point of travelling the world doing the work you love if you don´t get under each country´s skin? I want to know, know, know. I´m the eternal student. The Zero of the Tarot. The Fool. The Adventurer. The Child with her endless thirst for life, more than knowledge.


Exploring Ningbo under the rain.

Fabulous food – except for the fried frog and snake -; massages (yes: two times, at a local SPA); successful work (opening new doors all the time); following the Greek crisis on the BBC, in my 5 star hotel room. Flowers, friends, cool colleagues and discovery. Trying to communicate with chinese wasn´t easy. They´re not emotionally extroverted like us, latin folks. You have no way of knowing what they´re thinking – it´s mind blowing and fascinating. We´re a small, big, big, world. The more you know, the less you´re able to judge people, point fingers or be mediocre. There are so many ways of seeing/living life. So many heads, consciousness realms, dimensions. I drop my judgments and my certainties. No world traveller can keep those – such a heavy luggage!

What a trip! Tiring, for sure. But, really, get a grip!, so WONDER*ful.

I have to thank Jingya for trusting my work as well as every single person who crossed path with me, reminding me to stay put, in the moment, enjoying every second of this incredible and abundant life.

Next stop: Istambul, Turkey. Let´s rock those sultans & odalisques ghosts.


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