My Sanctuary


Home is where our heart is.

My mum keeps joking about it; she says I, quite like Whoopy Goldberg in a certain movie, slide from the cabaret to the convent on a constant basis. Make no mistake, my convent is a multi-purpose Sanctuary where creativity never keeps flowing, thanks God (and his Muses).

The shocking (well, not to me…) transition may have been more visible when I was performing every single day/night, in Egypt. But, then again, the time and willingness I had to spend outside of the stage (aka cabaret) were close to zero. Life has gotten so different and so much more interesting!

Every flat I´ve ever rented had to have this Sanctuary – or convent; ok, mum! – or I wouldn´t rent it. First things, first. Dance/teaching/choreographing/writing space, above all else; then the bathroom (another love of mine), the kitchen and the rest.


Detail of my Sanctuary.

The first thing I look for when I enter a house, any house, is a potential dance studio space. It doesn´t matter if the house belongs to an engineer or a boxer. I don´t care. Obsessions don´t follow rational patterns. They are what they are, no questions asked, quite like love (!).

The work done in this Sanctuary – which has become busier and busier with several creative journeys happening simultaneously – may be almost invisible but it´s as important as the results it produces. What you see in a show, workshop or book that came out of my hands is a fruit that came from this invisible tree.

I teach in the Sanctuary – private classes (on line and presential).

I choreograph and prepare my workshops and shows at the Sanctuary.


My dance shoes from Capezio (the best!). I always buy them at the same store, at Covent Garden, London. If these shoes could talk…

I write – my books, blog, posts, whatever my soul asks for – in my Sanctuary.

I do my Yoga (just restarted going back to myself) in my Sanctuary.

I think, brainstorm and meet people (Skype and presential meetings) in my Sanctuary.

Mostly, I LIVE in my Sanctuary.


Detail of my desk.

Here´s a list of things I always have in my Sanctuary (by now, the word Sanctuary is starting to cause you a mild nausea…I know, I know…my heart feels you):

1. Empty space for dance, wide mirrors & audio system. Nothing less than a proper dance classroom.

2. A table for writing, logistic work and drawing.

3. Inspiring objects that remind me of the reason why I work like a maniac to turn all my dreams into reality.


Portrait of me and my dear Mahmoud Reda, The Father of Egyptian Folklore, after teaching a workshop. Cairo, Egypt. More precious than gold.

4. A photo of me and my dearest teacher and friend, Mahmoud Reda.

5. My yoga mat, a blanket and oil burner with a good selection of scents.

6. A jar with flowers.

No, I won´t use the S word one more time. I´ll just acknowledge the gift that is to be able to work in what I love and in spaces that inspire me and shield me from the world´s madness.


Egyptian papyrus on my wall. Enough said.

Grateful and on my way to China. In other words: grateful and on my way to the cabaret 😉 Once more. Always.

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