God speaks in mysterious ways.


The heat is here to stay and I dream dreams I probably shouldn´t dream about (I´ve made a life out of it!): me at the sea and under the blazing sun;  feet on the sizzling sand, jumping, jumping, jumping (HOT!); my tanned skin covered in salt and Summer coolness, that coolness that brings back vacation time, a time when vacations were still too long, too deep, almost too delicious to bear.

I´ll have to postpone those dreams for the sake of others: so much (beloved) work on my hands and so little time to breathe.

P.S: My skin is whiter than milk…

Back to reality: it´s breakfast time.

I prepare my bowl of fresh and dried fruits with yoghurt and head for the garden where I eat, listening to the birds and watching the sun unravel in its own pace. My cats surround me, asking for pats, kisses and an extra chunk of love (and yoghurt). I breathe deeply, the simplest and most glorious treasure. This is a good day. No, not good. Great day. Why? Because I said so; I decided so; I make it so.

As a multi-tasking freak, hello Gemini!, I have to add a book to this already charged equation. I read or write while I eat my breakfast and attend to my surroundinds. Today I grabbed “The Velveteen Rabbit” by Deborah Ward, a children´s book which is – as every great book is – for everyone: small and big children alike. A piece of Art is always personal and universal; something you can see the author took out from her/his soul. No smart ass tricks; no intellectual games; no showing off. Pure art.

The book was sent by Yara, one of my beautiful and talented students and also professional dancer/teacher herself doing incredible stuff in Savannah, USA. She sent it as a birthday gift. Only someone with extraordinary sensibility, attention to detail and generosity would come up with this idea.

Not surprisingly, tanxioushis was the PERFECT gift. I smiled, wondered and cried while reading it. I´ve re-read certain passages till exhaustion just because they were SO good I had to taste them again and, hopefully, let them sink in my heart. I´ve had insights, AH AH moments (thanks, Oprah!) and that feeling you get when you meet The Truth face to face.

Oh, boy. 

My breakfast remained inside the bowl –  a bunch of neglected, shrivelled strawberries eaten by flies and bees. Life remained suspended until I finished the book, almost breathless, bowing towards that immense beauty, returning to myself. This is what Art is all about: the remind us of who we are and what makes us Human.

My favourite book – hands down.

P.S: Thanks to Yara for this gift. It´s simple: what comes from the heart goes to the heart. 

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One thought on “God speaks in mysterious ways.

  1. So happy for you. Okay and the buggies that ate your strawberries are happy too. ❤ The artwork in the book makes me tear up. Its so beautiful and with the book it is perfect, true art as you say that touches the soul. There is a old old cartoon/movie of this book I used to also watch alot growing up. It is also so so sweet. Love you Joana. ❤


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