Guidelines for the Road

11401300_1009402059083671_3184818999376451933_nZen masters say we have to be like bambu sticks that flow with the winds, no matter how harsh or twisted they may be. Because they´re flexible, they never break. Got it? Like everything else in life, this theory has different sides to it.

As a publicly assumed OPTIMIST – meaning that I do what´s on my hands in order to accomplish my dreams and feel as happy as I can -, I tend to believe everything is possible, if only I focus and work with integrity and passion towards it. Life has proved me right, in most cases.

One thing Egypt has taught me is that pre-defined DESTINY exists. There´s a margin for co-creation, 50% on our hands, but it´s not more than a margin. This came as shocking news to me.

I used to think I was the only responsible for my destiny – the arrogance of considering that me, and me alone, could decide all matters related to my life. Life experiences, in Egypt, and Tarot studies (which added an extra pinch of weirdness to my already freaky condition of dancer) showed me otherwise. No matter how much we do and choose, there are paths that are kept for us; the opposite also happens: some paths don´t belong to us. No matter how much we run towards them, the stars have decided they´re not ours. And so we never even get to touch them.

You know what? After the initial rage (against The Machine 😉 ), I kind of accepted the fact this thing called life was a team work, not a solo work. Somehow, it takes weight off my back but it demands attention. If we´re co-creating, we must LISTEN and OBSERVE our partner. From the moment I realized I wasn´t alone in this castle building enterprise, I started paying attention, reading life´s signs, warnings and desires. I became more fluid, grateful for whatever came my way and, yes, happier.

Comes without saying I´m not an easy co-creation partner. I do my 50% part and then some. Control freak, baby! Just because I know part of my existence is not on my hands to shape, it doesn´t mean I got quieter or less fierce. No, sir.

I demand stuff from my partner. Sometimes, it answers back. Other times, it ignores me. Then again, I learnt how to be ok with it: the answer or the silence. The silence is often the answer. Ah. Isn´t it fun to work in a team?


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