Joana Saahirah in China!

China July 2015

Honoured and excited to announce I´ll be teaching and performing in China within a couple of weeks. The festival is sponsored by the fabulous Jingya Sun and it gathers some of the best artists in the world.

Dreams do come true if you believe in yourself and work (your ass off, basically) with unrelenting FOCUS on what really matters. The world can be a noisy, trap filled, place with distractions and ways of putting us out from our center. I choose to play dumb, most of the times, and ignore (or block) any bullshit that comes my way. My day has 24 hours – only! There´s not enough time to do all the work I love and enjoy life outside of that work (a rarity…) while paying attention to the mud we find on the way.

That´s why I´m putting all my love and energy on the things that make my heart sing, celebrating each victory as if it was the first.

China, here I come! The past doesn´t interest me as much as the present (the only gift we ever have). Rocking every second of this blessed, abundant, successful and loving life.


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