The Art of Selling Yourself

10592873_675919595823492_4073533245879114717_nWow! (expressive pause) You do know how to sell your work!

-Really? Why? How? I´m the worst person to sell my work; I don´t know a thing about marketing; I…

-No way. You do know about marketing. Check out the way you speak about your work…how come you say you don´t know how to sell yourself?!

I don´t. Perhaps what you call “marketing or knowing how to sell myself” is pure enthusiasm and conviction. Those I do have. I believe in my work because I know exactly what I´m doing and I am indeed in love with it – those things may transpire when I speak about it. But that´s not marketing skills – I wish I had them! – ; it´s just the fact that I am a passionate believer in what I do.

This conversation happened in a dark corridor of Victoria Hall, Yorkshire, England. A nice lady caught me on the way to the toilet and we got on chatting about the workshops I´d teach that weekend (Joy Festival, sponsored by the lovely Amanda Teasdale). Nothing could have surprised me more: someone telling me I am great at marketing my “product”. I wish that was true. It´s not. What I do have, and intend on keeping, is PASSION for everything I do. It´s only natural that passion comes through when I speak or write about it.

P.S: Funny how people build images of us that are distant from the truth; how our public image is often misconstructed by people´s lack of faith in themselves; how others see us in ways we´ve never seen ourselves.

Gosh, life´s a fascinating mess!486867_10151386392060770_1136700092_n

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