Back from Wonder*land & heading to China!

11224577_933489686713130_9062923515034381024_n“We know what we are, but know not what we may be.”
–Ophelia from “Hamlet” (Act 4, Scene 5)


Me and mum at Corpus Christi college backyard.


Me and mum, being our silly selves, in front of Alice in Wonderland shop, the place where the original Alice used to buy sweets.

My head´s still dizzy. Although I´m a proud gemini who juggles a thousand projects at the same time – teaching, choreographing, performing, writing, constantly travelling the world for work – , I cannot avoid getting overwhelmed every now and then. In moments like this, dragging myself to bed and hybernating there, head covered beneath blankets, until my internal system is renewed, seems to be my Nº1 ambition. Yet life happens; it doesn´t stop and it doesn´t allow me to stop.

Mum and I have arrived from England – where I was teaching in Oxford, my private Wonder*land, and London, the city that stimulates me the most. We´re slowly landing and I´m not sure if we´ll ever stop floating on the air. We´re both digesting all we´ve seen, felt and learnt. Showing my two favourites places to my mum was a blessing only made possible by my work and the sponsors/friends who keep believing in my Vision*


The most beautiful sunset in the whole world: by the Bodleian library, Oxford.

Tears fell from my eyes as I revisited Corpus Christi college in Oxford, the place where I lived and studied last Summer. The walls filled with History, the magestic dinning hall, my classroom facing a path that leads to the landscapes that inspired Lewis Carroll to write “Alice in Wonderland”; the heavenly backyard garden, the chapel booming with singing, each and every stone of that college brought me back to one of the happiest times of my life.

We digged into the river Thames – in Oxford and London – and explored Christ Church college, the one where Lewis Carroll taught. We´ve tasted the best italian food in a cozy restaurant in Notting Hill, London, and walked through art galleries, book shops and markets as if there was no tomorrow.

The workshops in Oxford were lovely – sponsored by delightful Hannah Newton who received us, she and her family, as if we were relatives. Teaching in London required a LOT of adjustment, this time around, but it was also perfect – just as it was supposed to be. No matter how much mud we may find in our paths, flying above it is always possible. Somehow, when you do things with integrity, Life – or God or whatever manages the Big Picture – ends up compensating you. No exception.

After teaching my private classes in London, I felt free to fall in love with the city, one more time. Too many tourists, too expensive, too hectic – that´s London. It´s also the most fascinating city in the world and whoever disagrees has two options:

1. Go there and actually finding out what I´m saying is true.

2. Agreeing just because (to avoid further heated discussions and eventual physical violence 😉 ).


Posh coffee break @ Selfridges.

Although mum doesn´t speak English, I insisted we had to go to “Billy Elliot” musical. I watched it for the 3rd time (musical freak, I am, I am!); mum watched it for the first time – we cried of emotion on equal terms.

As we sat for cappuccino and cake at the posh “patisserie” of the famous Selfridges, gratitude was all I could think of. Sharing so much abundance and beauty with my mum was beyond any definition of happiness.

Meanwhile, we´re back to the base and work doesn´t stop. I celebrated my birthday – on 13th June – and felt a shift, yet another, is about to happen. I believe half of our lives is pre-destined (fate, baby; maktub!) but we have a 50% margin to shape with our own hands and I intend to shape mine as a work of Art.

Here we go, China (teaching and performing there within 2 weeks)!

Here we go, NEW BOOK (rewriting in progress)!

Here we go, NEW ON LINE COURSES (happening as we speak)!

Here we go, NEW PROJECTS (to be announced soon)!

Here we go, LOVE 🙂 !


Me and my mum walking along the Thames. Big Ben is saying hi to us, on the other side of the river.

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