What dancing is all about…

22307_10153843644076416_5195010177312690568_nWe cannot see the road ahead of us. The more ignorant we are, the wiser we presume to be. And all that jazz.

Lately, I´ve been realizing that growing in my career(s) is mostly a matter of growing up. As a person. As a more mature human being who settles, as freely as possible, the rules of her own life. What´s REALLY important? What matters the most? What makes me happy – truly? Sometimes, at the highest point of our professional success, we feel miserable. I´ve been there often, thanks God; so I know it. Other times, when others see us as having a “low point” in our lives is precisely when we´re most at peace, smiling, living beyond every shade of appearance.

I can´t complain: every dream I´ve settled for me has come true. Then, as old dreams materialize, new dreams are born in our hearts, making sure the wheel of fortune never stops turning. Maturity is perhapsOxford the point when we feel COMPLETE, SUCCESSFUL and HAPPY independently of exterior circumstances. Not chasing mountains, ghosts, desires can be heaven. It probably is.

As I had to my private Wonder*land – aka Oxford, UK – to teach, I am aware of Life, for the first time. I´ve had glimpses of it before but, only now, I realize that being present and in a constant state of celebration is – allas! – what SUCCESS actually is.

Taking my mother with me – showing her Oxford and London, my two favourite cities in the whole world. Happy bunny, I am, I am!

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