Your best neighbour´s garden


That´s cool, dear Shakespeare. What about having your characters killing you before you finish writing your own book? Now that´s probably a first.

If you gotta look to your neighbour´s garden, choose the best. Just sayin´...

I´m a freak when it comes to creating and living. Living MY life and creating MY thing(s) are essential to my peace of mind – I know I´m weird that way.

It freaks me out to know so many people have empty lives, therefore spend their time and energy checking other people´s lives, criticizing them and, more often than not, attacking them. Just because. Because they have no life of their own.

There are exceptions to every rule. If your neighbour happens to be a talented, interesting person, then learn from her/him. That´s the only circumstance when I feel it´s pretty cool to check my neighbour´s garden. No copies allowed; no adulation which always ends up in envy and hate parties. Learning from doesn´t mean copying from.

Back to the special neighbour. I´ll still do my thing; still live my life. But I will get inspired, educated, supported and provoked by extraordinary individuals.Here´s a proof of that:

Reading “Writing Days – The Journals of The Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck. Kbook covernowing about the trials and tribulations of a magnificent writer such as Steinbeck, gives me hope when facing my own writing (and other) creative challenges. He suffered too, man! He felt insecure towards his talent; he doubted he could finish the book he proposed himself to write; he was afraid. He felt guilty when he missed a day of writing. He could be harsh as well as self-indulgent with himself. He had many doubts and fears who followed him through the often scary enterprise of writing a book we really want to materialize beyond our – real and imaginary limitations.

He was human and doubtful, even fearful, of success (he had good reasons to be so). I get it. The whole thing: I do. And, by doing so, I feel stronger and inspired to face my own ghosts in the process of re-writing my own book. I don´t feel so alone in a process that can get scaringly lonely and mapless (mapless= without maps; here we are, back to the “being unique/yourself” business: mapless: a new word for the English dictionary). What a gift!

Isn´t this the magic purpose of books?

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