Crazy, he calls me…

Un-domestica-ted post in blobI´ve been called crazy for many reasons, none of them offensive. In a world where thieves are celebrated as kings and idiots with no talent are promoted to instant stars, I´m glad I see – and live – differently. So different that it looks like madness. Me likey.

Here are some of the latest “crazy accusations” I´ve been a (delighted) target of:

1. I smile and laugh a lot. Not only a lot but out loud. According to several creatures I come across, some of them are dear family members and friends, this is beyond weird. Why on earth would someone smile and laugh so hard and constantly if she/he weren´t crazy?

2. I sing all the time. In the shower – a classic” -, during my rare leisure moments, in the car, in the street, while waiting in the supermarket line. Read my lips: I don´t give a damn if people are too afraid to celebrate life and express it. I know I´m not.

Sing along, folks! Live while you´re alive.

3. I reject date after date because, and I quote myself, “I rather read a book or watch a good movie than wasting my time with men who are not worthy of it”. For mothers, fathers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles who just want to see us on the shelf, married & with kids & probably as unhappy as they are, this is a tragedy. Only a lunatic would prefer a book to a man. I hear ya´, mad sanity brigade!

4. I speak to everyone I wish in every occasion. If someone who passes me by happens to have beautiful eyes, it´s not strange for me to stop and tell her/him so. The frontier between my heart and the external world is fuzzy, to say the least. No one is more or less than me and we´re all a big family. It´s not like I go around speaking to aliens (never said I don´t 😉 ).

The list goes on with the most striking reasons for me to be called clinically insane. Being called stupid is worse; being stupid is even worse. A jerk, an asshole, a terrible bore, an arrogant prick, an untalented puppet, a copy machine…this list could also be quite long. Crazy ain´t the worst thing people have called me. If you ask me, I take it as a compliment. And you know what they say: always say yes to crazy people. 11012680_10154101431737281_2305388458871805159_n

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