My job is done.

1959217_10152357784480770_3774285710359239605_n– I´ve noticed you´re a really intelligent girl! – I told her at the backstage corner where I was signing copies of my book.

We were enjoying a pause during one of my workshops in Buenos Aires, Argentina. That little girl had caught my eye, amongst hundreds of students, and I hoped I would have the chance to hug her and give her a word. She shone like a star – so daring, gutsy, bright. She threw questions at me and was the first to answer whenever I proposed a challenge.

I insisted. She had to know and never forget how amazing she is.

-I always have excellent grades in school. – She added, unapologetic.

-I´m sure you do. Remember what I said and rock your potential. Don´t let anyone convince you´re anything less than amazing.

She nodded. I hugged her, just as I had dreamt. My job was done.


Me and an amazing group of dancers, participants in “BellyDance Weekend”, the best festival in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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