My daughter´s back to convent!

eu a escrever– You´re like that actress who went from the cabaret to the convent. What´s her name?

Mamma always knows (and says) the right thing at the right time. She always knows.

I´m usually surrounded by huge groups of people – while performing, teaching and lecturing – or covered in blissful isolation – when I´m choreographing or writing. Funny enough, those are the situations when I feel more alive. All or nothing has been my motto for so long…

I LOVE to work for crowds; the stage and its blinding lights; the big, inclusive, wide groups, too big for small minded ideas and idiotic elitism; the loud music; the photos, autographs, smiles, hugs, hotels and airports. My passport is constantly on the move and so am I.

I also LOVE silence, the time I spend on my own creating a new dance, project or text. Silence sounds as great as music – my ears crave both and there´s no enjoying of the second without the first.

The idea of small groups, common ideas, gossip, domestic affairs and complaints are not my cup of tea. So, here I am, surrendering to whom I really am. Finally.

I take the breathing/resting spaces between work travels to accomplish what I chose as my Nº1 priority for 2015: to finish rewriting/editing my upcoming book. Having an editor – amazing, tough one – on my back, demanding new pages, adds to the pressure and to the excitement. It´s not easy to jump from the dancing public space to the reclusion of my writing space – external and internal movement. But it´s a privilege.

As my mum says, I´m indeed back to convent mode (aka rewriting/editing my upcoming book). At least for a couple of weeks. I still have classes to teach (ON LINE PRIVATE COURSES) and an upcoming work/pleasure trip to England but the pen is all mine for a while. Making the best of it.
Scared? As usual.
Freaked out? Of course.
Busy with doubts and fears? Naturally.
Excited? Always.
Here we go!



“Good writing has to show rather than tell. Comprehension is not a matter of juggling words themselves inside our heads but using the words to form images and other more concrete throughts.” I heard a writer, can´t remember his name, saying this. I thought it was essential. Here it sleeps, for the record.

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