“The Underground Girls of Cabul” by Jenny Nordberg

bookWe can love a book for many reasons. We may fall in love with it due to its literary quality; a ressonance of characters that hit home in strange and intimate ways; an idea, concept, way of writing that opens new creative doors in our minds; the subject.

Here´s one of those books that hit home. I haven´t lived in Cabul, Afghanistan but I´ve lived in Egypt; I´ve worked for months in Lebanon, Oman and Qatar. I´ve had my share of violence, prejudice, a high price tag attached to my offensive freedom. The universe of the women portraied in this book was my universe for almost 10 years. Nothing new there, except a newly found freedom – the luxury of having lived it, survived it and thrived beyond it.

I don´t know if every reader will find it as interesting as I do. As I mentioned, it´s a private, home subject to me – impossible not to feel touched while reading it.

Interesting fact: European women and men are not so advanced as they think they are. Women are way better off in this side of the world but gender equality is still an illusion as is the purpose of women´s lives. Coming from La La Land, as I like to call Egypt, it has been interesting to notice how much the West has developed, mentally speaking, and how much it has remained stuck in old conceptions of justice, love and equality.

Nothing is what it seems. This world of ours is so complex, multi-layered and masked that it takes special glasses in order to see. I don´t mean seeing. I mean seeing.10471000_666019210146864_3632504979792441146_n

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