Dancing with our fears (and overcoming them)

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I can totally relate to this. Although people who – superficially – know me tend to believe I´m an all powerful, self-confident, fearless warrior, the truth is I carry insecurities, fears and loads of doubts within me. I don´t allow them to stop me from moving forward but that doesn´t mean they don´t exist.

Ahhh…there is so much grace in this statement!

I think we get stuck sometimes in this crazy belief that — in order to achieve anything of value in life — we must become fearless.

I’m very much against that word: FEARLESS.

I don’t believe in it, and I certainly don’t strive for it.

The few genuinely “fearless” people I’ve ever met in my life were all totally freaking insane. And all of them felt extremely dangerous to be around. And most of them were sixteen-year-old boys, or three-year-old children. And if they weren’t toddlers or teenagers, they were full-on fanatics or sociopaths, with sometthing vital and human and warm missing from their eyes. (Although, to be fair, as a friend of mine with several children once pointed out to me: “Behavior-wise, it’s difficult to tell a toddler from a sociopath.”)


What I’m saying is this: I am riddled with fears.

I’ve always been a shaky person, ever since childhood. (It took my poor mother years to teach me how to swim, because for me, “swimming” meant “clinging to your mother’s neck and howling in mortal terror.”) The world makes me terribly anxious. (Or maybe I make IT anxious.) I grind my teeth at night so hard that I just cracked a perfectly good molar a few months ago: Even in sleep, I am not relieved of my fears!

There is no fear you could possibly imagine that I have not experienced — especially in regard to creativity.

Basically, my body is made out of 60% water, and 19% fear.

The only reason I have ever been able to create anything, is because the remainder of my body is made out of CURIOSITY.

That’s right: I’m composed of 60% water, 19% fear, and 21% curiosity.

Curiosity always wins by a nose!

Thus, creativity has a chance to thrive within me, despite my many terrors.

So that’s my prayer for you all — not that you will become fearless, but that you will always be SLIGHTLY more curious about the world than you are frightened of it.

226832_143554295715790_1741064_nBecause the victory of curiosity is the fertile field where exploration, invention, transformation and creation will all begin to grow.


Via: Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the popular and fabulous book “Eat, pray, love”.

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