Te quiero, Argentina! by Joana Saahirah


Oh, happy day! Teaching in Buenos Aires, Argentina. BellyDance Weekend sponsored by my dear Martín Salvatierra.

I´m not a fan of clichés but I often fall upon them – cheers to life´s ironies! If you open a door, be sure to walk into that room. Here we go: the sweetest cliché: LOVE. Giving and receiving love in equal proportions and intensity. Here´s how Buenos Aires has received me for the 3rd time. Add some latin passion to the cocktail for you to feel how bombastic it was. L-O-V-E Argentina and L-O-V-E being home which is, as cliché follows, where the heart is.

Gratitude note to my dear friends Martín and Pablo Salvatierra for the organization of this fabulous event as well as the persistent trust in my work.

What makes an Artist? Is it the amount of people following him/her? Quantity has never meant quality, let us remind ourselves. Just because a lot of people says you´re a genius it doesn´t mean you are. We have plenty of examples that prove it. The other way around also applies: how many artists, writers, cientists, visionaries were taken as fools, criminals and insane in their life time only to be rediscovered, centuries later, and considered geniuses?

Definitions interest me less and less, these days. My vision of success is basically the feeling of being UNDERSTOOD and RECONNECTED through my Art, may that happen through a performance, a class, a book, whatever I do. I feel successful when I´m understood and reconnected with my own soul. That´s it. Everything else is a bonus.

Still dizzy from the long, intense trip, I take a step back and breathe. I give thanks. I recollect images of those hundreds of students taking my workshops, the warm audience at the show, my dance colleagues filled with joy, respect and mutual support. What a luxury! The fact that I´m presented as a “star” is kind of cute. It doesn´t really mean much to me. I know who I am and is bigger, more interesting and way more complex than just a “star”. Many will call me arrogant (maybe I am), others will see what Argentina always manages to see in me: the creative being overflowing with dance, treasures and, yes!, LOVE. We´re back to the clichés I say I dislike, aren´t we?

Teaching love in Buenos Aires

Teaching in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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