The crazy b…. who´s too full of herself*

10891864_10153457758325031_8398414792960609162_nIt´s curious how I´m often accused – backstabbing style; never face to face – of being “too full of myself”. Artists tend to be self-centered and it doesn´t take a genius to understand why. We create from our inner worlds; our art, whatever it may be, is based on our personal experiences and views of the world; the public is constantly looking at us, judging us, loving & hating us without even knowing us as human beings. That explains – just a bit – why artists are usually self-centered.

I dance, write, choreograph and speak about myself. Fair enough: self-centered. The question is: if, according to haters, I shouldn´t be full of myself, whom should I be full of? You? My next door neighbour? My students? The ghost of Virginia Woolf? Barack Obama? The lady that sells vegetables at the market? Jude Law? Wait a second…STOP the traffic. Maybe I must be full of Jude Law. Yeah…now we´re getting somewhere. Oh, Lord, let´s see if I can stop these tears from rolling down my face. I feel the love. Those sour folks who keep hating just because are actually friends who care about my lust love life. Awww…I´m touched10168228_10202782266871656_1120244970984984438_n

It´s funny how empty, dis-oriented people tend to get irritated by anyone who seems to have a life of their own, a life they happen to love. I don´t know how to be truthful if I speak, dance, teach or write through another person´s mouth, and truth is a prerogative of Art. I communicate what I know and that´s me and my vision of life. No, I´m not a vanity freak. Quite the opposite. I´m still an artist whose work is fed by my own life. Like it or not, that´s how it happens.


Image courtesy: kind & generous Yara Dance, Savannah (USA)*

For the ones who keep wishing me to inhabit somebody else and, eventually, be full with that person, please contact Jude Law manager. I´m up for the change 😉

4 thoughts on “The crazy b…. who´s too full of herself*

  1. The most threatening thing you can do in the eyes of others is be secure in your insecurities; be unafraid to fail. That rattles people more than anything else.


    • No doubt, Theresa.
      I´m aware of that. Just wish there were more guts in the world. Guts for the Good; guts for daring doing great and, yes, sometimes less than great (who knows? who can tell? who decides what is great and what is not? Long talk…).
      In the end, one has to follow her/his own path and let haters do what they can do to overcome their frustrations. Shinning and inspiring others to shine – that´s my goal. The rest is a bag of cheap potatoes.



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