Raks my World by Joana Saahirah – Embrace Change*

11017839_940294502661094_3440457807894711747_nEmbrace Change* 

Here´s a tip I´ve never heard applied to Oriental Dancers. Everybody seems to pin us down to a certain shelf they identify us with. I LOVE change. Even if I didn´t, it would still happen. You know what Buddhists say: change is the only thing you can be sure of in life. As life and dance are one, you do the math.

I´m not the dancer I was 10 years ago, when I headed to Cairo, Egypt, in search of a Dream, Myself & the Dragon´s Tail. I´m not the dancer – or the person – I was one year ago. Just one year, what a difference it can make!

Carrying the past with pride and gratitude – yes. Grabbing yourself to it, refusing to move forward and open your wings towards higher skies is not only a denial of LIFE cycles but also a professional suicide. Artists need to reinvent themselves. It´s good that people never know what they´ll get when you´re in town. Surprise yourself and others. Face & embrace change, grow, develop, expand, don´t be afraid of becoming a truer version of yourself.

Changes don´t always happen for the best. We may try our best but, some times, life´s hardships & injustices can shape us into people we wish we wouldn´t become – gotta watch out for that one. How to deal with this mad, often cruel, world without resembling it. Walking through mud without getting dirty has been my motto since I launched myself at the Egyptian Jungle. It still is.

Maybe we cannot avoid being broken in a corner or two; the eventual bitterness we try to dismiss as a protection device; that persistent pain that hasn´t healed, glued to our heart´s walls with no departure date. We CAN consciously choose what to keep and what to throw away, juggling intelligence with a heart whose purity we should protect like a new born baby.

As far as I´m concerned, I´m ON for change. I thrive on it. The past, the brightest or the darkest part of it, doesn´t define all I am right NOW.  I´m made of it but I´m more than it.

Yallah! Moving on & up. Always*


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