Still human (York, England)*

10610502_844742275550620_4860502648143203375_nWonder*ful things happen to me every day. I know that saying it annoys a LOT of people but…screw haters…I´ll keep choosing happiness and they´ll keep hating me because of it. Just because. I might as well annoy them some more.

Today, as I visited York Museum, a young man, who was also there, observed me attentively during the whole visit. I´m used to be stared at so I didn´t make much of it. Once we were done and heading to the exit door, he approached me:

– Sorry to bother you. I´d just like to tell you´re very pretty but what really caught my attention was the way you smiled while looking at things. You are constantly smiling…you smile at everything and everyone…like a child, you know? It´s so…beautiful.

I thanked him. Told him I hadn´t noticed I smiled that much; that I did search for beauty and I did find it everywhere. That I did feel a childish curiosity and fascination towards the world inside and around me. Yes, he was right. I smile ALL the time: at a gorgeous sky line; at a tree or a rock on the road or a ray of light that kisses me when I least expect it.

Life can numb us very easy and dangerously. It can kill our smile in a second. It can crash our will power and, worst of all, our soul. I was reminded by that young man that I´m still alive, damaged in my heart but still unbroken in my spirit; still smiling like a child at the simple things in life as at the big things. I can still see there´s no difference between them and that´something to feel grateful for.

Still Human*936212_3290312192689_326117964_n

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