Settle for Greatness*

11169972_772525462868109_7303245369768399605_nIt can be problematic, this obsession with QUALITY. I don´t mean, necessarily, fancy or posh. I mean QUALITY and that can include a contryside flower, nothing more or less than that.

Quality in my work, in every day life details, in friendships, in conversations, in books, in love and in everything in between. I´ve written, on several occasions, GREATNESS is not a circumstance but a way of life. I have to rewrite it, this time applied to QUALITY. Not settling for less than truth, excellence and kindness. Ah, and Love. Did I mention love? All kinds of love but especially the romantic kind. No, it´s not dead. Not yet. Not for me. It´s a fight, you see? The world keeps trying to prove there´s no such thing as true love that lasts forever, that kind of love that spreads out your wings instead of cutting them, but I am stubborn. I keep believing in the Holly Grail. The great Utopia. I´m the girl who dresses up as Mamma Claus (Santa Claus female version) on Christmas Eve so my niece can believe in magic. I believe in Mamma Claus, for God´s Sake! And love: love: love. Oh, yeah. They lived happily ever after minus the cheating, the hurt, the lack of loyalty, the insecurities, the sheer evilness that make couples destroy each other while singing “I love you” to the deaf winds. I´ve always had a thing for im-POSSIBLE.

P.S: Running to grab a cup of coffee with a pinch of almond milk and honey. Simple, fancy, ordinary, extra-ordinary: quality stuff. Just as I like it.


It´s a deal!

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