Bukowski – the power of raw honesty*

buywwwBAM! Raw honesty.

Although it doesn´t erase the need for talent, it´s probably the base for every successful piece of art. May that be dance, writing or acting or in life (well, let´s not exaggerate; in life, raw honesty can get you killed).

I´ve recently read “Women” by Bukowski and was smitten by its (you guessed) raw honesty. The man doesn´t seem to hold anything back. Not even the things that make him look ugly as hell. Confession: I haven´t found a braver writer than Bukowski. The fact that he was permanently drunk may have helped release his inner demons but we can´t blame/praise the booze. Booze with no talent = bulshit. And bulshit is something Bukowski doesn´t seem to use.

It´s refreshing to see a man speaking about women without filters. It doesn´t make you love him or respect it. It may even make you hate him. But it´s so damn refreshing.

People rarely show who they really are. They rarely say or write what they think. “Women” is an exception. Obnoxious. Disgusting. Marvellous. 

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