Daddy´s advice*

Years ago, before heading to Egypt to start what would be an incredible journey made of struggles, local and international success, my dad advised me to forget about my crazy dreams. He was raised by a dad who believed good & honest people who come from poor backgrounds can never achieve greatness. He learnt it and he tried to teach it to me and my sister. Thanks God I was born a rebel.

Dad told me to stay right where I was, in my homeland, and grab whatever comfort and stability I had already conquered. He meant well – he also gave me the advice that could have destroyed my life. Instead of the strong, accomplished, creative and happy person I became, I would have been a coward – a frustrated coward throwing my bitterness on other people´s faces.

Years and many successes later, he still advises me to do what everybody else is doing: aim low, get married with the first “safe” guy that shows up, have babies (cause a woman is a woman ONLY and IF she has babies), find a “proper” job where my soul and dignity are sucked until oblivion and be miserable, like most people are.
Plus: don´t dream even higher than you already did; stay put & quiet; lower your head and your pride in yourself; think, wish and do small. BIG is risky; BIG is uncertain; BIG is way over your league.

Beware of good intentions, even when they come from your parents, friends or lovers. People can love you and not have your best interest at heart; they can also have your best interest at heart while giving you the worst possible advice. Pay attention, listen, think & be thankful but realize there are many scared, frustrated, insecure people in this world. Those people will, consciously or not, throw their luggage on your back. It happens. Shit happens. In the end, it´s YOUR choice to take that advice or throw it back where it came from.

Having said it, I love my dad and I try to forgive him for passing out his demons to me and my sister.
The thing is Oriental Dance taught me a few things. Here are some of them: knowing when to listen and when to ignore the music; knowing when to follow the music and when to create my own. Always be myself.

“Fuck the shoulds. Do the WANTS.” Your life is, well…, YOURS.11204863_980880471935830_547832428752211106_nJust sayin´…

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