Happy Dance Day – every day*


Performing in Cairo, Egypt, with my orchestra*


Performing in Cairo, Egypt, with my orchestra*


Performing in Cairo, Egypt, with my orchestra*

There´s no “Dance Day” special celebration because that day happens every single day, for me.
Furthermore: I don´t believe in positive/negative lists when it comes to Dance and the reasons why you´re a Dancer. I´f you´re born to do it, you´ll do it. Period.
A dancer suffers, or enjoys, an innate compulsion to move, co-create with the music and speak with her/his body. That´s all: a compulsion you are born with (or not); a language that can only be expressed without words. Try to understand it and you´ll fail. Love, Dance, Life are made of the same tissue: mystery. They´re meant to be fully experienced, not fully understood.

I cannot tell if my path would been easier, had I chosen another profession.Words like “if, should and might” are depressing and a waste of energy. Impossible to compare something I know with something I don´t know.

Here´s the only thing I can say for sure: I´ve been blessed with a fabulous destiny, a destiny that is mostly made of Dance but not only; a destiny that allows me to appreciate my body, mind, heart and soul as sources of endless creativity and joy; a destiny that has already taken me to many incredible places in the world and this adventure is just starting; a destiny that has allowed me see what´s really important and what´s not worthy of my attention; a destiny that gave me the gift of turning every dream into reality.


Image courtesy: Yara Dance, the princess*

If dance is life, as I believe it is, then I celebrate it every single day. May I (we) do it forever.

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