Perfect imperfection*

555099_600259030023644_1673069101_nI love it when we shift from believing life is against us to knowing life is working with us, for our own good.

This weekend, I was supposed to be in Spain, teaching, performing and lecturing. Due to mysterious, or not so mysterious ;), reasons, the event was cancelled at the last minute. Sure enough: I was kind of shocked. It was the first time I had an event cancelled and I´d done all my work and then some. As usual. Sadly, or not, I can´t be everywhere at the same time and do my job as well as other people´s job. Furthermore, I can´t control other people´s minds and actions, as well. Envy, competition, sheer evilness, gossip and backstabbing are things I try to keep ashore, dismissing them as flies that bother me in the Summer, but they exist and can, sometimes, harm us.

Anyway, each monkey on its own branch, as Portuguese say. I do my job(s); you do yours. It usually works. This time, it didn´t and, may I say, thankfully.

After I got over the fact that I had prepared an whole weekend of serious work for nothing (or almost nothing), I realized now I had time to breathe and take care of other priorities that were hanging by a thread due to my busy schedule and multiple professional ventures.

Because the event was cancelled, I found out about a Children´s Literary contest and manag58435_618501848199362_1085693706_ned to write 80% of my tale, a story for children that is opening new & precious doors in my heart; because the event was cancelled, I could keep working on my upcoming book, a diligent ant doing her tiny, careful gold digging; because the event was cancelled, I was present at a family & friend gathering where we ate, spoke, shared life and laughed like there´s no tomorrow; because the event was cancelled I could focus and make an advance on my project RAKS MY WORLDbecause the event was cancelled, I realized where my REAL PRIORITIES are.

It´s easy to get distracted or sour, maybe both, when we´re too busy surviving, running to pay our bills and keeping our heads above the water. I try to remain attentive to the signals and look at people, things and events as collaborators of my journey, whispers of a God that wants me to grow, expand and fly.

Grateful for this – imperfect – weekend and every jewel that came out of it 🙂

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