Mr. Oriental Dance Perv will ROCK your WORLD!

Mr. Oriental Dance PervI present you Mr. Oriental Dance Perv.

Haven´t we all met him? Isn´t he adorable?

That cave guy who still thinks Oriental Dancers are odalisques who perform for his pleasure; that guy who listen to your job description and immediately presumes you´re an exotic stripper (whatever that means); that guy who simply refuses to evolve. Yep, some folks were born to be fossils.

I thought Egypt was the only place in the world where these specimens still breathed and thrived. It isn´t. Although Egypt and the whole Middle East is on the top of the nonsense, macho bullshit, criminal thinking against women (humanity) hierarchy, the so called civilized world is not so different.

Mr. Oriental Dance Perv can be found everywhere, wearing a posh suit or a simple pair of jeans; disguised into modern, open minded and intelligent men or openly exposed as the creep who cannot get out or above of his own poor self.

As far as I´m concerned, I´m over and one with this guy. Seriously. I can smell him miles away and have no second to waste on him. My already short patience reservatoire has been over used in Egypt – there´s no drop of tolerance left towards jerks. Been there; seen it; lived it; done it; got over it and totally out of my system. Furthermore, I´ve been vaccinated against these bugs and the viruses they carry everywhere they go.

What I CAN do is laughing and using the guy for artistic & educational purposes. Oh, yeah. Wait and see. Crazy doesn´t even start to describe it.


Yes, sir! 😉

Coming soon @ “Raks my World” by Joana Saahirah*

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