The Feminine Dance*

10612699_546413652126413_923487431562415326_nHot topic and one of the pillars of Egyptian Dance that seems to be getting lost in our crazed competition driven world: Egyptian Dance as a FEMININE art form. What does it mean? Have you stopped to think about it?

Feminine dance or feminine attitude? Maybe a feminine way of living? I´m not sure which one to pick or if I have to choose between them.

It´s said Egyptian Dance is feminine – or mostly directed to women. Although I agree Egyptian Dance is feminine at its core, my concept of “feminine” is probably not the same as the concept of most people.

Receptivity; the ability to go with the flow and act with it and not against it; vulnerability; open heart, mind, body and soul; compassion & smoothness (NOT weakness); power that comes from love; the earth that is ready to receive the seeds, the water, life – this is feminine and this is Egyptian Dance.

The body of the dancer is the earth that receives the music with open arms (hello, Tarab!) and allows it to invade it, fertilize it, awaken it, move it from the inside out. That´s feminine and that´s Egyptian Dance. Any limited box where we may wish to fit FEMININE or EGYPTIAN DANCE is an illusion, a void of ignorance that is our right to keep or throw away.

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