Oxford nostalgia*

549318_756413497812639_2787327883929028054_nI never understood the magical smell of Oxford until now. Waking up to this familiar mist reminded me why I felt in heaven on Wonder*Land: fresh, damp, recently watered earth after several days of sun. A cocktail of fog, sudden shifts and confusion – between Winter and Spring. This recipe was enough to make me happy & just a tiny nostalgic. Good thing I´ll be back to Wonder* Land soon (yes: teaching in Oxford on the 6th June).

One minute is sunny and the other minute is pouring rain – that´s the weather in the Oxford of my dreams where I studied last Summer (Corpus Christi college). I L-O-V-E the dynamic and unpredictable ALIVEness this brings to a day/night. Can´t wait to return to my favourite spot on earth.


Me, photographed at the backyard garden of Corpus Christi college, Oxford.

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