Raks my World – Tips for Dancers (aim for excellence)*

11009953_949984948358716_4683633271584053616_nI´ve shared it a million times and I´m sharing it once more (just to annoy my dear hater patrol): “be the example you wish to see in the world”, as Ghandi once said. Too many voices gossiping, backstabbing, complaining and bashing people around them and too little effort to MATERIALIZE what we consider positive. Fresh news: the world will not change as a consequence from your attacks and negativity. If that´s all you have to offer, I suggest you consider changing your field (suggestion: from dance to agriculture).

We combat negativity (what we don´t like) by DOING positive things that ADD to the WORLD (what we like).

Screw circumstances. Aim for excellence, no matter what. Greatness is an attitude, a way of life and a purpose. It doesn´t matter if things or/and people around you aren´t exactly what you think they should be. They never will. Not in the dance field, not in any other field.

I´ve performed in perfect and less than perfect venues –  impossible not to bring out those Egyptian “baladi” weddings I´ve reluctantly accepted doing while I was living/performing in Egypt. Simple people, simple venues, simple ways and, very often, catastrophic results. I still had fun. I still did my best and so did my musicians. We still aimed high – no matter what and whom was around us. we still went for EXCELLENCE – no lame ass justifications to lower our professional standards.

Plus: there are no perfect moments. We make them perfect, if we choose to. We. We choose to celebrate a workshop with 1000 students with the same might as we celebrate a workshop with 5 students. We choose to shine in a show placed in a magnificent theatre as well as a show that happens in the street.

Circumstances do not define who we are or what we do. You can have QUALITY within the conditions you´re offered. I´m not saying those conditions (or their absence) make no difference on our work´s final result. They do. But we have to take responsibility for our part of the deal, what is on OUR HANDS to accomplish.

I cannot turn myself into a good quality stage, sound and light system or a great engineer to manage them; I cannot turn myself into perks that are not there and I know my work is harmed when certain criteria is not respected. I still CAN do my best, in my territory, no matter what.

No excuses, dear ones. It´s all or nothing (and a good sense of who you are and where your worth resides).


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