Joana Saahirah in Sevilla, Spain (11,12th April)*

11112575_10153169291294886_1163218815794959865_nOlé! Yallah! Back home to Spain this week.

Thrilled to be teaching, performing and lecturing in Sevilla, Spain. Another happy home coming (I grew up between Portugal and the south of Spain, the zone I call “my real Spain”: Andaluzia).

The goals remain the same but expanded: sharing the knowledge and vision* I carry in my heart and celebrating every single moment shared with students, sponsors, audiences, friends and strangers. Let me tell you like it is: I make a conscious choice of BEING HAPPY and always doing my best every single day. Some times, I forget about it – just for a moment or a couple of days. Then I remember it: you´re alive so you better juice it, honey. Life´s too short and precious to waste in middle term under-living or any other kind of medrioctiy.

Vamos a brillar, España. Acá vengo, mi amada Andaluzia!10885189_1421127291535018_3886890381073747750_n

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