The elephant at the barber shop*


Me, photographed by Zakahia*

– It has never been done so we/you won´t do it. – Nothing kills me more than hearing this cliché and yet this is the answer I heard most in my life.

There I was, once again, fighting for a new idea, project, dream, vision of dance (and life). There were two signs at the door: one said NO DOGS ALLOWED. The other said: NO WOMEN ALLOWED. Oh, yes, they were side by side and I should have known better than dismissing it with an ironic laugh.

The usual scene: me, alone, standing high and walking – trotting – like an elephant in its habitat, scaring the hell out of those men lined in a dead row of overgrown beards: men made of stone, no air or flair, no brain (I suspect) and no ability to take an elephant down or up.

One of the barbers stared at me for a few seconds as if I was a ghost (I am). He headed towards me with the look you may carry if you ever face a wizard who has the answers to the hardest questions Humankind has kept since the beginning of Time.

I proposed my idea – nobody had done it before, I knew it; he knew it. Precisely because no one had ever done it before (and because the project is amazing and, how can I say this?, revolutionary), I was eager to make it happen.

The line of sheeps – half sleeping, half shocked with the elephant´s presence at the EXCLUSIVELY MALE establishment – dared to glance at me: quickly, go away & seat on my lap you witch kind of dazzed looks. Me and the barber kept disagreeing – except on “it has never been done before”. No, no, no. We won´t do it. Why not? Because it has never been done – people just don´t do it.

The elephant in the room died, attacked by mediocrity, negativity & that “NO DOGS; NO WOMEN ALLOWED” sign. A sudden & understandable death. Just one more (elephant; death).

I believe in rebirth – there you have it! Ass kicking on the way, babe.602707_10151312677999886_904856478_n

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