Tip # 4

Self-confidence Versus The Bitchy syndrome.

11015880_950809024942975_7590477677259406724_nOh, boy. Where do I start? There´s no great dancer without self-confidence. You gotta love, respect and trust yourself in order to shine – no doubt. If you don´t trust yourself, you won´t use your intuition, instinct, personality and inner world. In other words:you won´t be able to use the original treasures you carry within; you won´t be more than a sad copy of someone else (your teacher or a dancer you admire).

Nonethless, self-confidence without humbleness is a disaster. Self-confidence never means you see yourself as more (or less) than others – self-confidence means you don´t compare yourself to anyone else because you know each person is unique. It´s here the confusion between self-confidence and what I call “the bitchy syndrome” starts.

Playing the diva, high nose and an expression of someone who´s constantly smelling a rotten egg, is not the equivalent to self-confidence; vanity or pity party queens/kings and ego maniacs are not a reflexion of self-confidence. Let´s get those concepts clear, please!

Arrogance – at the heart of bitchy syndrome – is always a sign of an inferiority complex.

Openness, vulnerability and trust in yourself – at the heart of Oriental Dance in its essence – is always a sign of human freedom. It doesn´t take a genius to know which one works the best.


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