The Shift*

1480770_10152592248309541_25792652734378733_n It´s no fresh news: I love teaching. Since I´ve launched my PRIVATE ON LINE COURSES, I´ve had the chance to inspire and get inspired by amazing dancers who also happen to be amazing human beings. These courses are shaped according to their unique goals, characters and personal path so each class is 100% personalized and a constant source of surprises for both sides. Aside from the differences between these dancers, I´ve noticed a common denominator: all of them are tired of the way Oriental Dance is portraied, performed and taught. They´ve come to the same conclusion I´ve reached a few years ago: the old way of presenting Oriental Dance is OVER. Imagine my lips: O-V-E-R.

Time and time again I´ve had the same conversation: if you don´t like the way things have been done, change it: do it differently: build a path no one has built: don´t get stuck to the past or the way everybody else is doing things: have the guts to create a new reality, the reality you´re dreaming of.

Dancers who shake their goodies in 5th cathegory restaurants, earning $50 per “show”, having some dirty notes stuck in their bras and listening to degrading comments from the establishment owner and audience: here´s what happens in most venues where Oriental Dance is performed. I ask myself: aren´t we all tired of this shit? It´s outdated, rotten, poor and not the least dignifying of ourselves and our beloved dance.

Let´s return to the basics: “Be the exemple of what you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Ghandi.

Simple as that? Not so simple. Doing things YOUR WAY and opening new roads where there are none is not for the weak – it takes balls, uterus and a backbone to discard the old and create something from scratch you´re not sure people will understand, like or support. Yet there´s not much choice: do we keep doing things the old way and complaining or do we jump into a new era that brings back the true magic of Oriental Dance?1520713_611759085561973_209275346_n

Your choice. Our choice. 

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