RAKS MY WORLD by Joana Saahirah (Tip # 2 for Dancers)

11009953_949984948358716_4683633271584053616_nRAKS MY WORLD by Joana Saahirah (Tip # 2 for Dancers) – The Imitation Game*

BE YOURSELF – not a clone.

Dig into your treasure ark instead of using other people´s work and identity in an effort to make yourself shine “like them”. Fresh news: you´re not them – you´re YOU. Shortcuts to success may look tempting but it´s the real road – your road – that builds you up as an artist and a human being.

We usually learn by copying others, first our parents and then our teachers; we also live in societies that promote “social inclusion” which is, in more than one way, a pretty name for an ugly reality: we´re pressured to be, feel, look and act like everybody else, no space for “dissidents”, counter current freaks(!) or originals. We´re raised to become sheeps of the same colour, shape and behaviour. Anyone who dares to stand out is labeled as the wolf.

-What the hell are those originals, anyway? – they (we) ask, disturbed at everything and everyone who dares to be different from the majority.

Oriental Dance is just a reflexion of this reality – BIG TIME. There is a hierarchy in the Imitation Game: the poor imitators and the efficient imitators. I can spot them as easily as I spot Jude Law if his image remotely passes my way. I usually smile, pretend I´m a fool and move on, silently pitying those folks who just don´t recognize their own greatness and therefore feel they have to “steal” from other people´s ideas, work, personality.

Sure enough: we´re all influenced by each other´s identity and work and it´s impossible not to mimic some of what we see in our daily lives. We do it unconsciously, no smart ass intentions included. It´s a question of human nature. If we´re trapped in a cave, we´ll start representing whatever is in that cave (rocky walls, humid floor, bugs) and we´ll eventually become it. Being influenced is one thing – consciously doing the old COPY/PASTE it´s an whole different matter.

I´ve said it and done it 1000 times, yet it´s not too much to repeat: honour your UNIQUE SELF. You and  the amazing things you carry inside are exactly what the world needs. Leave copies for copy machines – there´s a reason why you´re human.


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