RAKS MY WORLD by Joana Saahirah (Tip # 1 for Dancers)

11009953_949984948358716_4683633271584053616_nRAKS MY WORLD by Joana Saahirah

Tips for Oriental Dancers
Tip # 1:

Compassion towards ignorance & the occasional poker face, for the sake of world peace.

Oh, yes: you read it well: if you are – or wish to become – an Oriental Dancer – you have to develop a healthy attitude towards other people´s opinions, phantasies and ignorance. BIG TIME.

This is not an easy, smooth subject. No, ladies & gentlemen: Oriental Dance is the most distorted, misused & misunderstood of all dances; its negative image (associated with low level entertainment made by odalisques aimed at sultans – old and modern times odalisques and sultans) has been following us for centuries; the energies it moves are nothing less than disturbing.

Remember: Egyptian Oriental Dance is about Freedom, absolute & shameless freedom. There´s nothing scarier or unsettling than that for most of us.

Be ready to answer with intelligence to total jerks; be ready to prove yourself – and the worth of the dance you love so much – time after time after time; be ready to forgive other people´s illusions, prejudices and ignorance. Most of all, be ready to EDUCATE the mainstream audience through ACTION (your dance quality), more than words.

Listen to the idiotic stuff people think and say about this dance, if you have to. Nod, wave like the queen of England, smile, play dead and go kick ass, showing them what you and your dance are REALLY made of.

P.S: We have an extra perk over here: every tip that applies to Oriental Dance also applies to Life as both are sides of the same coin.


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