Mamma taught me…

10647242_10154680337845206_8962015793672513113_nMamma told me to be polite, kind & correct with everyone- no exceptions (well: one or two: jerks are exceptions).

Mamma taught me to recognize all people are equal in value so it would never cross my mind to see someone – or myself – as less or more than anyone else. Mamma praised Human Rights yet not on paper – mostly in action.

Mamma taught me to say thanks to every person who delivers me a service: the lady who takes out the dish from the table at the restaurant; the men who come in the early morning to pick up the trash; the girl – pregnant & sad looking – who cleans the gym at the wee hours; the person who gives me his/her place in line because he/she sees I´m stressed and in a hurry for some reason they don´t bother asking.

Mamma taught me not to forget my origins: peasant, no less. She told me to keep the memory of my feet hidden in the wet earth; to light a candle to every tree my grandparents planted and cared for; to write a poem to the birds I played with in my childhood. Wings with no roots just won´t work. 

Mamma taught me elegance is not how much money you carry in your pocket but how noble you are with yourself and other people, especially the ones who cannot do (apparently and at the moment) something for you.

Mamma taught me that Greatness is an attitude – not a circumstance.

Mamma never liked priests, churches and bibles – in fact, she has always considered them devilish; mamma refused to baptize me and my sister – “those girls will baptize themselves, if they want to, when they´re old enough to know if it makes sense to them” (ah! mamma!).

Mamma taught me simplicity rules: throw away every theory and fancy book: do to others what you wish they´d do to you (and vice-versa).

Mamma knows better. She always did. BkjQVlYCQAAtEge

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