Joana Saahirah in Mexico & Gratitude list*

Joana Saahirah in Mexico

Honoured & excited to announce I´ll be teaching, performing, lecturing & judging in Mexico for the first time (November 2015)!

More than another chance to share my Vision of Oriental Dance* (with its peculiar, mostly ignored treasures), I´m overwhelmed with the feeling of gratitude for the people who keep supporting me and my career. Nothing would be possible without my talent(s) and serious, passionate, persistent work – that much is true; it wouldn´t be possible either if so many people – sponsors, producers, managers, students, fellow dancers, fans, audiences, followers – weren´t by my side.

For every person who tried to put me down, I had many others who kept their fingers crossed for my success and happiness; for every envy, competition, mediocre attitude I found multiple attitudes dominated by love, empowerment and positive energy.

It´s publicly known: one of the things I´m most proud in my life is THE WAY I built my career – from Portugal to Egypt and from Egypt to the whole world: no compromising of my values, dignity & consciousness: no selling my body or soul to the devil, thank you very much.

Victory would not be possible without the support of certain blessed creatures – visible and invisible: people who keep pushing me forward, inspiring me, showing me light when exhaustion takes the best of me, believing in me and my work and supporting it as much as they can.

For all of you (you know who you are):  MY CUP RUNNETH OVER. Thank you from all my heart.


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