Love letter to Argentina (from Joana Saahirah)*


“Te quiero, Buenos Aires!”

Saying I´m honoured and happy to announce my return – to teach and perform – to Buenos Aires (Argentina) is not enough – what I feel is beyond honour & joy. I´ll be heading to one of the places where I always cry (of happiness) for the third time but I´m also closing a perfect circle/cycle:

Buenos Aires was the city that inaugurated my World Travels: the first time I ever dared to get out of my Egyptian cocoon (where I was gladily “hidden” for 8 years of daily performances with my orchestra) and the first city that made me feel as loved as I always felt by Egyptian audiences. In many ways, Buenos Aires opened a new chapter in my life – although I wasn´t totally aware of that at the time.

Here´s one of the biggest and most advanced (technically speaking) Oriental Dance communities in the world – a community where people want to know, feel and do more. What a gift to be a bridge in this phenomenon!

The love, respect, appreciation and positive energy I´ve received in that city are also beyond words. Key word: beyond (or maybe love). Long were the nights when I sat on the bed of the hotel room where I was staying, reading hundreds of post-workshops/show messages and crying of an emotional overflow.

All I can say is thanks & I love you too – gracias y tambien vos quiero. I can also promise to ROCK Buenos Aires like never before. That I (we) will.


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