Priorities, baby!

227538_143758939028659_8162439_n 2015 started with a bang: got me thinking about how I want to find myself when December 31st hits me on the face: what do I wish to have accomplished by then: which dreams are URGENT, so urgent I cannot have peace of mind without them?

What is my soul asking for?

What will truly make me feel accomplished, aside from appearances and what others consider “accomplishments”?

This time around, the answers were clear:

1. First and above all else: I want to make sure I´ll leave no dream unattended for fear of failure or lack of self-confidence. If you think these two monsters never reach me, think twice: they are my constant partners. The thing is I´ve learnt how to live, create and DARE with these unpleasant partners by my side. They´re there, all right, but they won´t stop me from moving ahead.

2. When that blessed 31st December 2015 shows up, I want to look at my new book (3 volumes, to be precise) completely rewritten, clean, ready to publish. This is a MUST and the reason why I´ve refused many work trips for this year: I need time, silence, stillness and focus to rewrite the whole thing.

Bonus: Learning how to write – actually write a book – in the process.

3. Having launched my new project RAKS MY WORLD on different fronts & watching as it changes the face of Oriental Dance around the globe.

4. Falling in love again – not with myself (that´s a given), a creative project, a book, a dance piece or a country but with an MAN who deserves to be called as such.

I´ve consciously retreated into my cave in order to heal, forgive (not forget) and find my centre again. Having my own space – away from those lovely “distractions” called men – was essential to my well being. The escape has ended – it´s time to get out of the cave and open my heart to someone who actually deserves it.

5. Teaching, performing and lecturing around the world in a way that moves people and opens their minds/hearts/souls.

6. Re-building my home, even if temporarily. Having my pictures, books, exotic blankets and coffee machine around me; listening to Billie Holiday while I shower in my own scented bath tub and having friends for dinner (making a gutsy Indian dinner with my own hands!).

Being reborn – that would (will/is) nice. Cheers to all that (and then some!)!


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