The apprentice*

Death_on_the_Nile_First_Edition_Cover_1937It´s terrifying – and fascinating – how Life has a way of putting us in our place: teaching us how to be eternal apprentices, nothing more than that (no matter how much we presume to know about a craft).

When I searched for an editor to review my upcoming book my idea was to polish here and there, to cut the accessory and eventually rewrite a few phrases. The idea of writing a new book from the NOTES (I had taken for a book) never crossed my mind but, allas, that´s exactly what I´m doing.

-The story is still inside of your head – not yet on the pages. – My editor told me, excited. – It happens to a lot of writers…- She added, probably trying to comfort me.

Egypt_Luxor_Animals Dettached enough from the realities I speak about in the book, I can – at the present moment – TELL THE STORY. Yes: it hurts a bit when you realize you have 800 pages written but not yet a book. After the initial shock, you have two choices:

-Screw it! – and you drop the whole thing; you´re a professional dancer, anyways. Why would you spend endless hours of productive time in front of a computer, immobile (neck hurting), writing a book? A BOOK?!


-Screw it! – I´ve come this far to tell this story. If I only have a series of notes, then, by God, I´ll turn it into a book. Still a dancer; still someone who hates spending endless hours at a computer, no movement except for my whole soul and my fingers, but also a STUBBORN bull who simply doesn´t quit.

Once I say to myself “I´ll do it”, be sure I will (unless I die, physically speaking, along the way – in that case, I may keep working on it on the other side of reality).

Each phrase is a discovery; each character that I develop, each place, sensation, thought recreates and expands a real life adventure that looks just like fiction. In the process, I´m learning how to write – which reinforces the conviction I´ve always had: you learn a craft by practicing it: doing it: daring to face your limitations and talent (our own talent can beil_340x270.537568438_om0f scarier than our limitations – funny, isn´t it?!).

Once I finish rewriting – or writing, for the first time – a phrase, I have no idea how I´ll solve the next. It´s an Enigma and I´m finally starting to live comfortable with it.

One thing´s for sure: it´s an adventure in itself, the hardest thing I´ve ever done and a love that is growing inside me in ways I couldn´t have predicted.

Grateful to Life for one more GREAT adventure; grateful to my editor for BELIEVING in me – there´s no greater support than having someone (who knows about the craft in question) recognizing our talent and knowing, for a fact, we can produce something great.

Cheers to all apprentices of this world (and others) and to the editors who pull them forward! This life belongs to us.


The courage to travel into the Unknown – that´s still my path and destiny* Here we go!

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